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Security & Life Safety



In order to meet the requirements of the New York City Fire Code, please log in and complete your FDNY Training here.

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LiveSafe is our two-way emergency communication application that allows you, our tenants, to get real time safety & security notifications and to share important information with Brookfield that could impact our entire community.

Get Connected! Download the LiveSafe app onto your smart phone from the App Store or Google Play.  Register and fill out your profile.

Select Brookfield and then your property location. Then you’re all set!

Download here:


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Call 911 - Should always be called first in an emergency

  • NYPD: 1st Precinct
  • FDNY: Engine 10, Ladder 10

Building 24/7 Security Desk

Property Management Office

Additional Information

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The following are examples of heightened security measures that may be implemented if there is an elevated threat level to the property/area/region:

  • Extra or more frequent patrols by security personnel
  • More frequent inspection of restroom facilities, stairwells, and trash receptacles
  • Physical inspections of ID cards at entrance
  • Random inspections of baggage
  • Expand package screening to include uniformed delivery services (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.)
  • Enhanced screening of all vehicles entering the building at loading docks, freight areas and parking garages (loading docks and freight elevators may be closed)
  • Restrictions on building access

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  • Immediately following the separation of an employee (resigning, retiring or termination), deactivate ID Badge/Access Card and notify security.
  • Avoid giving ID access to outsiders for special deliveries or for early/late arrival for special purposes.
  • Valuables of any kind should never be left unattended.
  • All visitors, including messengers and delivery personnel, should be escorted while in your office space.
  • Never leave the reception area unattended with the door unlocked.
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity to Security or the Property Management Office.

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During an emergency where an evacuation is needed, please exit the building via the nearest safe stairwell in an orderly manner to your pre-determined primary or secondary assembly areas. Accountability of personnel will be conducted by each tenant at the designated assembly area. 

Primary Assembly Area - Battery Park City Promenade

Upon exiting the building or directed by the Fire Life Safety Director, evacuees will be directed South of the North Cove Marina down to the Battery Park City Promenade

Alternate Assembly Area - Battery Park City Promenade, North of Vesey Street

Upon exiting the building or directed by the Fire Life Safety Director, evacuees will be directed North of the Marina to the Battery Park Promenade, North of Vesey Street.

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  1. RUN
    • Attempt to evacuate
    • Have an escape route and plan in mind
    • Leave your belongings
    • Keep your hands visible
    • Follow the instructions of police officers
    • Call 911 via LiveSafe when you can safely do so
  2. HIDE
    • If unable to evacuate, find a place to hide
    • Use an office with a closed/locked door if available
    • Blockade the door with heavy furniture or objects, and hide
    • Silence your cell phone, and radios, TVs
    • Remain quiet and calm
    • Call 911 via LiveSafe when you can safely do so
    • If you cannot speak, leave the line open and allow the dispatcher to listen.
  3. FIGHT

As a last resort, disrupt and/or incapacitate the active shooter by:

    • Throwing objects and improvising items as weapons
    • Working as a group if you are with others to overpower the shooter
    • Committing to your actions

**Fire Alarm Pull Stations - Active Shooter Situation**
Manual fire alarm stations should NOT be pulled

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If you receive a bomb threat via telephone:

  • Remain Calm
  • Keep the caller talking DO NOT HANG UP
  • Ask the person to repeat the message.
  • Write down the message and all relevant information.
  • Below are some questions to ask the caller:
    • When is the bomb due to explode?
    • Identification of the caller?
    • Why was the bomb put there?
    • Try to recall every statement made by the caller
    • Background noises (road traffic, music, giggling, aircraft)
    • Notify Brookfield Security/Property Management Office via LiveSafe

If you become aware of a bomb threat via other means (email, letter, etc):

  • Remain Calm
  • Notify Brookfield Security/Property Management Office via LiveSafe

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If there is a CBR release including an envelope “white powder” and potential exposure:

  • Call 911 via LiveSafe
  • Call the Brookfield Security/Property Management Office
  • Isolate anyone who has been exposed should
  • Anyone exposed should wash hands and other exposed skin with soap and water if a wash station is in the immediate area.
  • Do not touch or move the item or material
  • Keep the area isolated
  • Do not allow any other individuals to enter the area.

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  • Remain calm
  • Await response/communication
  • Stay away from the elevator doors
  • Do not try to open the elevator doors.
  • Security personnel will maintain communication with you

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  • Call 911 via LiveSafe
  • Call the Brookfield Security/ Property Management Office
  • If you see flames:
    • Remain calm
    • Evacuate immediately
    • Close doors behind you
    • Pull the nearest fire alarm station located near the exit stairs
  • Follow the direction of the announcement over the Public Address system and Floor Wardens
  • Evacuate the floor using designated evacuation stairs
  • Proceed to your designated re-entry floor or outside assembly area

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  • Call 911
  • Call BSOC at (212) 786-3246
  • Call the Building Office at (212) 978-1720
  • Remain with the at risk individual
  • Do not move the individual unless they are in immediate danger
  • Brookfield Security will meet the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) ambulance crew outside the building.

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  • Do not evacuate
  • Remain where you are or go to your pre-determined shelter in place location
  • The best location will be determined by the type of event
  • Particularly important during hazardous material incidents, severe weather etc.

In Building Relocation

  • Do not evacuate
  • Move to an area of safety within the same building
  • The area is pre-determined and isolated, away from exterior walls and open floor space.

Partial Evacuation

  • Evacuation of only some individuals in a building
  • Movement of individuals utilizing the stairs, and possibly some elevators
  • Coordinated through instructions over the Public Address system or Floor Wardens.
  • Report to your pre-determined outside assembly area

Full Evacuation

  • Evacuation of all individuals in a building
  • Coordinated through instructions over the PA system or Floor Wardens
  • Do not run, or push others
  • Individuals who require assistance will be evacuated by responding emergency personnel
  • Report to your pre-determined outside assembly area

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  • Remain calm
  • An emergency generator will automatically provide power to emergency lighting in stairwells
  • Limited elevators are available during a power outage
  • Instructions will be provided over the Public Address system or by the Floor Wardens

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Please click here to download a Property Removal Pass.


  • Instructions will be provided over the Public Address System or by Floor Wardens
  • Move quickly to a safe area – interior hallways or locations within the core of the building
  • Stay away from windows, doors and exterior walls
  • When moving to lower levels, use stairwells (elevators should not be used)
  • Do not go outdoors
  • Notify Brookfield Security via LiveSafe if someone is injured, needs assistance or if there is building damage caused by the severe weather.

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  • Do not open, handle or disturb the package
  • Clear the immediate area of all persons and keep others away
  • Do not use a cell phone or radio within the immediate proximity of the package
  • Notify Brookfield Security/Property Office via LiveSafe

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  • Immediately report to Brookfield Security via LiveSafe
  • Include a photograph or video if possible

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